Rala Z

Rala Z 是一个经验非常丰富的ESL英语老师,她擅长教授5-17岁年龄段的学生,使用各种方法引导学生对英语学习感兴趣,她的课堂活泼,有趣,互动性强。她经常给学生提供积极的反馈意见,并用参与课堂讨论,项目合作,测验,考试等多种方法评估学习效果。她拥有法律学士学位,并从瑞尔森大学取得人力资源管理证书,还获得TEFL 英语证书。

Rala Z is an experienced English instructor specialized in teaching kids age 5 to 17, using different props and creating fun and interactive atmosphere during sessions; she provides consistent feedback to students related to each lesson taught and assesses students learning through discussions, projects, and formal assessments. She has a bachelor degree of law and hold HR resources management certificate from Ryerson University, she acquired TEFL certificates from TEFL Full Circle.

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